Associate Professor Bridget Barber

Principal research fellow


PhD, Charles Darwin University 2014; Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 2010; Masters of Public Health, Melbourne University, 2010; Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Liverpool University, 2007; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Melbourne University 2001

Approved level of HDR supervision at Charles Darwin University:

Associate Supervisor for PhD




Bridget is an infectious diseases physician and senior clinical research fellow at Menzies School of Health Research. She is also a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of Sabah, Malaysia.

Bridget completed her infectious diseases training in 2010, and during 2010-2013 undertook a PhD based in Sabah on the clinical and epidemiological features, diagnosis and pathogenesis of knowlesi malaria.

In 2015 she was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship to continue her work on knowlesi malaria.


Associate Professor Bridget Barber
Research Themes


  • Comparative pathophysiology of uncomplicated and severe falciparum, vivax and knowlesi malaria
  • Epidemiology and clinical spectrum of knowlesi malaria

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