Menzies aims to provide entry-level employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians located in Darwin, Northern Territory and Brisbane, Queensland.

The entry level program is a traineeship at the Certificate III level and linked to a relevant discipline to their placement.

The traineeship is undertaken through full-time employment at Menzies over 12 months. Menzies is committed to increasing the Indigenous health workforce, and values the contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples bring to the organisation, such as Indigenous knowledges, Indigenous ways of knowing and doing and a stronger representation of views.

Menzies' Biyamarr ma team currently co-ordinates and administers the Menzies traineeship program. Menzies supports the trainees through mentoring, nurturing and coaching, and a mapped career pathway for future employment. The trainees will receive additional support through the Biyamarr ma team.

The qualifications we offer include:  

We have grown the Indigenous trainee opportunities through dedicated funding, empowering our staff and implementing innovative strategies to professionally develop trainees during their time with Menzies. Our trainees journey with our organisation is not just about workplace skills and knowledges and the completion of their related studies – this journey offers them personal growth in a culturally safe space, empowers them to take on new challenges and consider their strengths to make positive life choices.

At the end of their traineeship with Menzies, participants will have a stronger sense of their own strengths, career goals and abilities within the workplace. Their job readiness is enhanced, and we are best preparing them for their journey once they complete their traineeship.

Menzies has designed and invested in an Indigenous traineeship professional development program which continues to grow and adapt. Through a professional development approach of the Four H’s – Head, Heart, Hands, Health, we have introduced a range of regular professional development activities for all our Indigenous trainees.

Head: is about sourcing knowledge and education
Heart: is about their own values and inner strength, integrity eg. Cultural identity and connection to family and community
Hands: is about new skills and being able to do new things
Health: is about the health of our body and how we can look after our body to be able to do all the above.