The Menzies Biyamarr ma traineeship program provides an entry-level employment opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples located in Darwin, Northern Territory.

The traineeship program is undertaken through full-time employment for 12 months where the trainees complete a nationally recognised qualification at a Certificate III or IV level.

Qualifications on offer are:

*This offering is limited to specific work teams at Menzies – dependant on their clinical work responsibilities that align with the course competencies.

Trainees also complete a Certificate II in Community Health Research through Menzies and Charles Darwin University (CDU) as part of their traineeship. The trainees are placed in a project team at Menzies learning valuable on the job skills.

We host our trainees through our partner employer Group Training Northern Territory (GTNT) and CDU are the training provider for both of their qualifications. Upon completion, the trainees are guided and supported to transition into ongoing employment or further studies. 

We are proud to offer all trainees additional culturally appropriate programs and services by our Biyamarr ma team. Using an approach of the Four H’s – Head, Heart, Hands, Health, we have introduced a range of regular professional development activities for all our Biyamarr ma trainees.