​​​​​2020 is the seventh year of Menzies long service awards, recognising 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30-year service milestones recorded in the calendar year. 25 members of staff were eligible for this year’s awards. Scroll down for the full list of award recipients.









Associate Professor Heidi Smith-Vaughan celebrates 30 years with daughter Charlotte Valle.











Professor Joan Cunningham attended the presentation via Zoom and was presented with her 25-year award by Professor John Condon.









Associate Professor Heidi Smith-Vaughan with 20-year awardees Cate Wilson and Jemima Beissbarth.










Some of the child health team highlighting 45 years experience at Menzies: Cate Wilson - 20 years, Dr Gabrielle McCallum - 15 years and Lesley Versteegh - 10 years.










Dr Steven Kho - 5 years, with Menzies Director Alan Cass and Dr Athira Rohit - 5 years.

2020 Long Service Award recipients                                               

30 years                           
Associate Professor Heidi Smith-Vaughan

25 years             
Professor Joan Cunningham

20 years             
Jo Bex, Cate Wilson and Jemima Beissbarth

15 years             
Dr Gabrielle McCallum

10 years
Sanjay Gurung, Professor Gary Robinson, Dr Sarah Auburn, Lesley Versteegh, Professor Anna Ralph, Professor Joshua Davis, Carla Venturin, Matt Hughes, Carolin Stock, Kristy Coulston, Jodie Ellis, Colette Maddison, Associate Professor Kylie Dingwall and Vanya Webster.                  

5 years
Dr Steven Kho, Dr Athira Rohit, Dr Renae Kirkham, Dr Karen Dempsey and Sian Graham.