On 6 April we formally recognised our Higher Degrees by Research, postgraduate and VET graduates at the Charles Darwin University Graduation Ceremony, held at the Darwin Waterfront.

PhD student, Danielle Longmore, with Director, Professor Alan Cass AO after the ceremony.

Master of Public Health graduate, Jennifer Jansen.

Higher Degrees by Research


Supervisory Team

Thesis Title


Ammar Aziz


(P) Dr Erin Price
Dr Derek Sarovich
Dr Tegan Harris
A/Prof Heidi Smith-Vaughan
Prof Bart Currie
Using Genomics and Transcriptomics to Characterise the Human Pathogens Haemophilus Influenzae and Burkholderia Pseudomallie.


Monica Green

Prof Joan Cunningham
Dr Kate Anderson
Prof Gail Garvey

Measuring the experiences of care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer.


Jemima Beissbarth

Prof Amanda Leach
A/Prof Heidi Smith-Vaughan
Prof Allen Cheng

Vaccine selective pressures in the microbiology of otitis media in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children in Northern Australia.


Danielle Longmore Professor Louise Maple-Brown
Dr Elizabeth Barr
A/Professor Federica Barzi
A/Professor Christine Rodda
Neonatal and infant outcomes of hyperglycaemia in pregnancy in remote Australia PhD


31 students were eligible to graduate at either the April ceremony or in absentia.

Graduate Certificate of Public Health

  • Ioannis Triantafyllos

Graduate Certificate of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

  • Kathleen Harrison
  • Melinda Meehan
  • Andrew McCallum

Graduate Diploma of Public Health

  • Crystal Barbedo
  • Bridget Greathead
  • Leah Heritage
  • Imogen Jack
  • Kelsie Kahl
  • Samidha Khanna
  • Lori Roberts
  • Humaira Shaikh
  • Amanda Sibosado
  • Mengying Su

Graduate Diploma of Health Research

  • Corrine Butler

Master of Health Research

  • Catherine Connolly

Master of Public Health

  • Peter Archer
  • Charis Brown
  • Jaime Byrne
  • April Carpenter
  • Ashley Dawes
  • Catherine Doidge
  • Grace James
  • Jennifer Jansen
  • Ram Kishor
  • Casey Luttrell
  • Kim McCreanor
  • Matthew Nesbitt
  • Tracey Rubery
  • Darren Schmitt
  • Lisa Vermeulen

VET –  10815NAT Certificate ll in Community Health Research

  • Ganapina Laylah Bukulatjpi
  • Jaylene Friel
  • Peter Henwood
  • Jessica Meagher
  • Vickerena Nganjmirria