The Ramaciotti Regional and Remote Health Sciences Training Centre (the Centre) is providing a new pathway into laboratory and health sector careers for young Territorians, with a focus on career development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Mark Mayo, associate deputy director of Indigenous Engagement and Leadership at Menzies and co-lead of the Centre says that the opportunities provided are in high demand.  

“The Centre has partnered with internal and external stakeholders to engage more than 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Northern Territory youth in biomedical and health sciences training,” Mark said.

The Centre focuses on delivering high-quality training in order to develop a local biomedical workforce for rural and remote northern Australia. Students benefit from training in the latest technology, industry partnerships, dedicated trainers, mentoring programs, internships across institutions, and access to Menzies researchers and networks.

Students can undertake a range of educational and workplace training experiences, including laboratory techniques, data analysis, computer literacy, literature reviews, coding and bioinformatics, health promotion and allied health.

Examples of laboratory-based training available through the Centre include programs in microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, genomics, microbiomics, bioinformatics and data science. Students also have an opportunity to undertake training in Good Clinical Laboratory Practice which is important to clinical trials.

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The Ramaciotti Regional and Remote Health Science Training Centre has been established with funding provided by The Clive & Vera Ramaciotti Foundation, managed by Perpetual. The Clive & Vera Ramaciotti Foundation is one of the largest private contributors to biomedical research in Australia. It has funded a wide range of projects, including many that might not have received support from other sources, enabling projects to leverage their existence to secure further funding.