Offered by Charles Darwin University and Menzies School of Health Research:

 This list will be updated as new projects become available.

Last update: 7 December 2018

Research Division

Project Title

Supervision Contact

Global and Tropical Health 

Malaria Team

Malaria Research Opportunity  Kamala Ley-Thriemer

Wellbeing and Preventable Chronic Diseases:

Renal Health

Medication usage associated with dialysis and transplant patients and inpatient care

Gillian Gorham

Global and Tropical Health:

Malaria Team

Genetic and genomic epidemiology of malaria: dissecting patterns of Plasmodium vivax transmission and adaptation

Dr Sarah Auburn

Prof Ric N Price

Dr Jutta Marfurt

Wellbeing and Preventable Chronic Diseases:

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Northern Territory & Far North Queensland Diabetes in Pregnancy Partnership

A/Prof Louise Maple-Brown

Global and Tropical Health:

Menzies Melioidosis Program

Research opportunities within the Darwin Prospective Melioidosis Study

Mark Mayo

Global and Tropical Health:

HOT NORTH Initiative

HOT NORTH honours scholarships


Child Health Division Towards improving the diagnosis of scabies and /or Strongyloides infections in Northern Territory children

Dr Therese Kearns
Dr Susan Pizzutto



  1. Research opportunities - summary of projects

    Research opportunities - summary of projects

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