The mental health brain story

This flipchart is designed for use by health professionals, community workers, educators, Aboriginal health workers, Aboriginal mental health workers, drug and alcohol workers, students and community members.

It can be used to accompany a drug treatment program, or as an educational resource.

This resource is part of a series that also includes the following flipcharts:

  • The grog brain story
  • Sniffing and the brain
  • When boys and men sniff
  • When girls and women sniff.

It is designed for use mainly with Indigenous people in urban, rural and remote settings.

The mental health brain story
Resource Type
Flipchart or Presentation
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Cairney, S, Nagel T, Thompson C, Fitz J, Benitez J & Gray M.

Research Area
Other substance misuse (click to see resources in this area)
Brain stories, substance abuse, addictive behaivours
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