Merrilee Cox

Project support and evaluation officer


Master Social Sciences (Policy and Management), RMIT, 2000; Graduate Diploma Business (Organisational Change and Development), RMIT 1994; Graduate Diploma Womenís Studies, Chisolm College, 1988; Graduate Certificate Catholic Identity and Leadership, ACU, 2008; Advanced Diploma Community Sector Management, MHCC, 2010; Diploma Youth Work, ISW, 1978; Cert 4 Mediation, DSCV, 2014


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus


Merrilee has extensive experience working in the not-for profit sector in research, evaluation and service development roles. She has a particular interest in mental health, disability and women’s health and has worked on a range of collaborative and participatory projects in these fields.

Research Themes
  • Chronic Condition Prevention and Management Strategy Mid-term Review
  • Red Dust Role Models Evaluation and Monitoring Framework
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