Karen Dempsey

Senior Epidemiologist


Doctorate in Public Health, Charles Darwin University, 2016; Master of Applied Epidemiology, Australian National University, 2003; Master of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, James Cook University, 1999; Bachelor of Nursing, University of New England, 1994; Certificate of Midwifery, Royal Darwin Hospital, 1987; Certificate of Nursing, Royal Darwin Hospital, 1982


Darwin – Royal Darwin Hospital; Darwin – Charles Darwin University


Karen is an epidemiologist and a registered nurse/midwife with over 35 years’ experience. The first ten years of Karen’s health career were spent working as a Remote Area Nurse with the NT Department of Health (DoH) and Indigenous Resource Centres in various communities across the Top End including East Arnhem Land. Following her return to Darwin, Karen worked with the Department of Health at the Centre for Disease Control and Health Gains Planning Branch, initially as a research assistant and in the latter years as an epidemiologist.

Karen is with Menzies' Education and Training unit where she is the course coordinator for Epidemiology and Clinic Trials in the Masters of Public Health Program. 

Karen has recently completed a Doctorate of Public Health using a linked dataset to describe the epidemiology of road traffic injuries in the NT from 1999 to 2007.

•    Lecturer in the Masters of Public Health Program
•    Epidemiologist with Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia


  1. Epidemiologist Dr Karen Dempsey - part of the NT COVID-19 response

    Epidemiologist Dr Karen Dempsey - part of the NT COVID-19 response


    When Timor-Leste voted for independence in 1999, violence erupted in the small island nation. Many Timorese were evacuated to Darwin to escape the withdrawing Indonesian troops. The Northern Territory Centre for Disease Control (CDC) managed the diagnosis...

  2. Short courses really right for the times

    Short courses really right for the times


    For pandemic-priority it is hard to beat the Menzies School of Health Research which newly offers, a graduate certificate in infectious disease prevention and control.

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