Opportunities for schools:

  • School visits:


Menzies is committed to providing interactive, hands on and informative sessions for school students who are or have shown an interest in health/science and or research as a career path. These sessions are held twice a year.

Length of the session

Up to two hours and we are able to accommodate 15 to 20 students per visit.

Age Group

Students must be 16 years of age for entry to the laboratory and are required to wear closed in shoes.


Students on a student visit to Menzies must be supervised by adults either teachers or career advisers.​

  • Science awards:

Menzies takes great pride in acknowledging the efforts of the Northern Territory's highest achievers. Menzies has been honouring such high achievers with science awards in collaboration with Charles Darwin University (CDU) since 2010. Furthermore, Menzies sponsors the Northern Territory Board of Studies’ biology award for the highest scoring biology student in the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training.

Opportunities for senior school graduates and undergraduate university students:

  • Traineeship

Menzies School of Health Research operates a Youth Traineeship Program. Menzies is looking for school leavers with an interest in health research and or the corporate area who would like to spend a year participating in a traineeship learning on and off the job. These traineeship are grant-funded and are advertised in October of each year.

In 2016 Menzies supported three Indigenous Australian school leavers, two located in Darwin, Northern Territory and one in Brisbane, Queensland to participate in a Certificate III qualification for a 12-month work placement. Funded by the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

Click here to hear from Menzies trainee Clarissa Carter.

Click here to hear from Menzies trainee Suzanne Munkara.

  • Menzies GAP Year traineeship:

The Menzies GAP Year Traineeship is a full-time, paid work placement. The laboratory work focuses on microbiology. There are exciting opportunities to do molecular work, including micro runs which involve plating out clinical specimens to identify and isolate specific disease-causing organisms.​

  • Industry placement (SID300):

Industry placement at Menzies is an initiative run through Charles Darwin University that involves locating individual students, in the second half of their degree, within industry. A placement may involve laboratory or field work. Menzies encourages all Charles Darwin University students undertaking a relevant degree to apply for an industry placement at Menzies.