• To study in detail acute respiratory illnesses and their outcomes in urban Indigenous children in Brisbane, Queensland.

Acute respiratory illnesses like coughs, colds and flu are major causes of poor health and preventable death in Indigenous children. Despite this, there has been a lack of research focussing on these infections beyond hospitalisation data.

Despite the majority of Australia's Indigenous population living in urban areas, the studies performed have been limited to those in remote areas.

The project will explore the epidemiological, clinical, microbiological, social, cultural and economic factors associated with these illnesses. Children presenting to an Indigenous specific primary health care service will be followed for 12 months following an acute illness to examine the outcomes and impact of those illnesses.

The project is overseen by an Indigenous Research Reference Group comprised of senior Indigenous researchers and clinicians and traditional owners and Elders of Brisbane.

Two Aboriginal higher research degree students are also engaged in the study.

Chief investigator: 
  • Dr Kerry-Ann O’Grady
Project manager:
  • Dr Kerry-Ann O’Grady
Contact information:
Project dates:

The project commenced in January 2013 and data collection was completed in December 2015.