The STREP Ca-CIndA program shares the aim of The DISCOVER-TT Centre of Research Excellence to improve the survival and quality of life of Indigenous people with cancer, through strategic focus on health system performance in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and care.

The STREP Ca-CIndA program has provided additional funding to extend and consolidate the capacity of DISCOVER-TT's team, to support and extend its partnerships and to provide seed funding for selected research projects.

The program brings together researchers, policy-makers, advocacy and Indigenous groups, as well as those working in cancer control. The results of the research will be available to people responsible for cancer control, increasing the chances of a positive change for Indigenous cancer survivors, their families and communities.

Our funders and supporters:

The STREP Ca-CIndA program is funded by a five year (2013–2017) $1.9m grant from the Cancer Council NSW, with additional funding from the Cancer Council WA. It is based at the Menzies School of Health Research in Brisbane and involves a partnership of people and organisations from across Australia and beyond.