Professor Peter Morris

Deputy head, Child Health Division


PhD, University of Sydney, 1999; Fellow, Royal Australian College of Paediatrics, 1998; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, London University, 1986.


Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus


Professor Peter Morris is a hospital clinician and visiting paediatrician to the Tiwi Islands. He is interested in clinical trials and systematic reviews of interventions for important childhood conditions. Peter teaches medical students through the Northern Territory Clinical School, supports doctors and nurses working at the Royal Darwin Hospital, and supervises students and staff within the Menzies School of Health Research. His research focus is on intervention studies and the application of evidence in practice.

Peter is an editor with the Acute Respiratory Infections Group of The Cochrane Collaboration. He is a contributor to the Indigenous Health InfoNet (ear and lung health). Peter contributes to the hospital paediatric guidelines and the CARPA Standard Treatment Manual. He also provides training in critical appraisal, evidence-based practice, clinical paediatrics and neonatal resuscitation



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    Rapid iron infusion trial to tackle widespread deficiency among children in Australia’s Northern Territory

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    Menzies secures 2016 NHMRC funding for groundbreaking projects


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