Professor Anne Chang

Head, Child Health Division


PhD, University of Melbourne, 1998; Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, James Cook University, 2000; Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education, Flinders University, 2002; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of Melbourne, 1988; Fellow, Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, 2013; Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 1995.


Brisbane, Darwin - Royal Darwin Hospital campus


Professor Anne Chang is an established leading researcher with international recognition in cough, bronchiectasis and evidence based medicine (EBM) related to paediatric respiratory medicine. She has helped develop and apply EBM for respiratory illnesses nationally and internationally. She is the editor of two EBM series, one on respiratory medicine and the other on Indigenous health.

Professor Chang is also responsible for changing paradigms in the investigation and management of paediatric cough leading to earlier diagnosis of bronchiectasis, describing a pre-bronchiectasis condition (PBB), the inclusion of respiratory symptoms in primary care child assessments (Northern Territory and Queensland) and the establishment of the first international Indigenous collaborative respiratory study.

Research Themes
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