To develop a monitoring tool based on indicator foods that:

  • reflected the key dietary problems in remote Indigenous communities
  • could be used by stakeholders as part of a progressive cycle of planning, action and reassessment for improved nutritional quality of the food supply. 

The remote Indigenous Stores and Takeaways (RIST) 'Keeping Track of Healthy Food' tool is designed to generate reports on sales of key indicator foods in remote stores, to provide information for store managers, store committees and remote Indigenous communities.

The RIST tool is a Microsoft Access database that allows the user to import and manipulate store sales data to generate reports graphically of volumes and dollar sales of key indicator foods over time.

These “key indicator foods” were developed based on store sales analysis considered in the context of the Dietary Guidelines for Australians.

The tool is now available for use.

Implications for policy and practice:

The RIST Keeping Track of Healthy Food tool is enabling us to describe food purchases across remote Indigenous Australia and to better understand the myriad of factors influencing food choice.

This tool offers an exciting development in the potential to provide timely and relevant information for planning, evaluation and decision-making in relation to the community food supply. 

Chief Investigator:
Project dates:

This project was completed in 2007.

  • Remote Indigenous Stores and Takeaway (RIST) advisory committee
  • Robyn Liddle.

Brimblecombe, J., Liddle, R., & O'Dea, K. 2012. Use of point-of-sale data to assess food and nutrient quality in remote stores. Public Health Nutrition, 1-9.