Menzies is proud to be contributing to the success of the Garma Festival 2016

This year we are bringing HealthLAB to Garma, an innovative, interactive, educational experience that allows participants to measure their own biomedical risk factors for chronic diseases in a “pop-up” laboratory. 

With one of our key target audiences being young people and school children in community, we will be spending the Friday at the education fair, working with the participants to give them the opportunity to “Own Their Health”. The rest of the weekend will find us at the Expo site, continuing our outstanding success in changing the health habits and enabling people to own their best possible health.  
While at Garma, Menzies will also be hosting a Health Forum in partnership with the Business Council of Australia showcasing Innovations in Indigenous-led Health Solutions.

This will be an opportunity for Menzies and our partners to discuss an innovative, collaborative model for supporting Indigenous-driven, whole of community health planning, prioritisation and orientation of health services and which address all facets that contribute to health outcomes, including the crucial social determinants of health.   

With sincere thanks for the generous support of our sponsors who have enabled our participation at Garma this year: