We have received generous support and feedback throughout the 2021 Youth Health Summit, from young people and service providers, demonstrating the importance of youth voices in making change for a better future. We would like to acknowledge the following organisations for their contributions.

  • HOTNorth
  • NT PHN
  • NT Government
  • Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation
  • Bridging the Gap Foundation
  • Charles Darwin University
  • ChartAir
  • Young people of the NT
  • NT Youth Roundtable
  • Balanced Choice
  • Headspace Darwin
  • NT Department of Health

Essential individual contributions were also made by:

  • Youth sub-committee members: Jaylene Friel, Ethan Woods Alum, Jahdai Vigona, Naja Dyting, Ashanti Berry, Callum Rowe, Porche Cahill
  • Rachael Buckley: Adolescent Clinical Nurse Consultation at Royal Darwin Hospital
  • Jack Kelly: Menzies Wellbeing and Preventable Chronic Diseases Business Manager
  • Lydia Agius: Menzies Biyamarr ma team
  • Michael Johnston: Menzies-Ramaciotti Centre
  • MOC, podcast and panel hosts: Lateesha Jeffrey, Sarah Clifford and Jane Alia
  • Podcast Guests: Sizol Fuyana, Ira Racines, Genevieve Dally, Simon Quilty, Melanie Gunner, Seth Westhead, Rachael Buckely, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM, Dr Renae Kirkham, Bhavya Balasubramanya, Professor Tricia Nagel, Sean Rung, Edmond Doolan, Emma King and Shanley Marsden
  • Panel members: Jahdai Vigona, Emily Ford, Emma King, Shanley Marsden, Taylah Chisom, Sizol Fuyana
  • Members of the Service Provider sub-committee (not listed above): Kimberley Martin, Shiree Mack, Natasha Freeman, Sean Rung, Nicole Boyd, Jess Kretschmer, Paul Dale, Courtney Wilson, Aysha Kerr

Following on from the 2019 event, the Menzies School of Health Research (Menzies) Youth Health Summit 2021 (YHS21) engaged young people in conversations about what is important for youth health in the Northern Territory (NT) and discussed solutions for a better future. Thirty-eight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous young people aged 16-25 years were involved in consultations, podcasts, panel discussions or workshop sessions throughout the summit.

Over 70 young people and service providers attended the online Youth Health Summit held on 27 August. In response to a snap COVID lockdown, the activities were shifted online and a podcast series ‘Youth Choices! Youth Voices!’ was developed.

The Menzies YHS21 provided an opportunity for young people, researchers, policymakers, service providers and other key stakeholders to learn better ways of engaging with young people, and to co-create research priorities and solutions for youth health and wellbeing in the NT.

To view the YHS21 program click here

  • We asked young people what health priorities were most important to them in individual consultations and workshops. The priorities identified were mental health, sexual health, access to health services and the environment, which were the same priorities identified in 2019.
  • Across all priorities the importance of young people being supported by informed, engaged and skilled health workers, teachers, support people and parents was prominent.
  • Young people passionately stated their views and identified clear solutions. They provided a suite of solutions and possess a powerhouse of knowledge and drive for a better future.
  • On 6 October, the Menzies YHS21 youth subcommittee members visited Parliament House and met with Minister Moss – Minister for Education, Children, Youth, Seniors and Women and Minister Lawler – Minster for Infrastructure, Environment, Water and Climate to discuss the health priorities and solutions identified throughout the Youth Health Summit.
  • A network of young people and service providers has been established, aiming to address the priorities identified. Future events and opportunities will be created to promote networking of this group. Several project connections have been made with initial meetings about potential collaborations underway. The Summit findings have been used to inform further consultation being planned with young people and will be considered for inclusion in the Youth Friendly Health Services guidelines being developed by NT Health.
  • A series of 15 podcasts have been developed and distributed involving young people, health experts, researchers and elders who discussed issues affecting young people in the NT and their hopes for a better future. In the first month, there were over 210 streams and views with over 12 hours in watch time recorded. Podcasts are available on; YouTube- Northern Territory Youth Health Summit 2021 - YouTube and Spotify 'Youth Choices! Youth Voices!' the Northern Territory Youth Health Summit 2021 | Podcast on Spotify.
  • We look forward to providing further updates and outcomes.
Key contacts:
Online Podcast Series - available on Spotify and YouTube
Episode 1: Talking openly about mental wellbeing with Sizol Fuyana

Please note, this podcast includes a conversation about mental health and suicide. If you or anyone you know is going through a tough time, remember to reach out to friends or family or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Episode 2: Working together to build youth mental wellbeing with Professor Tricia Nagel

Episode 3: Let’s talk about sex(ual wellbeing) with Genevieve Dally and Ira Racines

Episode 4: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents in the driver’s seat with Seth Westhead
Episode 5: ‘The key to success is understanding where young people are doing well’ with Rachel Buckley
Episode 6: Ensuring youth voices are heard with Melanie Gunner
Episode 7: ‘Walking with our kids’ with Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM
Episode 8: Creating caring health systems with Dr Renae Kirkham
Episode 9: Be a happy and healthy you with Shanley Marsden

Episode 10: What the climate crisis means for the Northern Territory with Dr Simon Quilty

Episode 11: K-I-S-S-I-N-G with Dr Bhavya Balasubramanya

Episode 12: ‘You want something that speaks to people’ with Sean Rung

Episode 14: How to fix the world with Emma King

Episode 15: The importance of mentorship with Edmond Doolan

Episode 16: Youth Panel (bite-sized)
Episode 17: Young people's demands (bite-sized)
Episode 18:  Youth Panel (full version)
Episode 19: Young people's demands (full version)