The fifth wave of data collection for this unique cohort will commence in 2019 and continue through to 2020. Participants of both the ABC and TEC will be aged between 28-33 years and researchers will again be travelling to over 40 communities, both urban and remote, across the Top End.

If you would like to know when we will be in your community, please send us an email or call/text 0458 543 765.

As in previous follow-ups, participants will undergo a comprehensive health check, including:

  • body measurements
  • blood pressure
  • ultrasounds of kidneys, thyroid and carotid (artery in your neck)
  • blood and urine testing
  • emotional well-being and thinking ability.

If you are a part of the cohort and would like more information on what you can expect when we see you, please visit our website or email.

Community involvement:

As in previous waves, the research team values the support and guidance offered by members of the Aboriginal communities it visits. We will be looking to employ local community members to assist in the research process. For more information, please email the research team.