Dr Sumon Das

Data analyst/manager


Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS), Dhaka National Medical Collage and Hospital, Bangladesh, 2003; PhD (Life-course Epidemiology and Biostatistics), The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2019


Darwin - CDU Red 9

 Dr. Das is an epidemiologist with quantitative research skills and expertise in developing, implementing, conducting and managing different types of research programs and projects such as RCTs, cohort/longitudinal studies,systematic reviews, and clinical guidelines that are most likely to make an immediate impact on the health of the disadvantaged population. His medical background and PhD in life course epidemiology ensure a strong capacity of multidisciplinary approaches to understand the biological processes that underpin disease, to provide new insights, explanations, and support rationales for more exploratory trials and cohort studies.

Dr. Das has significant research experience in maternal and child nutrition, childhood infections, and non-communicable diseases (renal insufficiency, obesity and hypertension). He worked as Associate Scientist at NCSD, icddr,b; as Research Fellow at UCRH, Sydney University, NSW; and as Research Assistant at SPH, UQ, QLD. Between 2018 and 2020, Dr. Das worked as Senior Research Officer at CRE-ICHEAR before joining the CCDE.

Dr. Das has been involved with 23 clinical and epidemiological research projects and published 110 manuscripts and book chapters. He participated in updating the Otitis Media (OM) guidelines for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population including an OM app using the recommended GRADE approach. 


  • The factors underlying child protection substantiations and juvenile criminal behaviour for Aboriginal children and youth in the Northern Territory
  • Impacts of Banned Drinkers Register Re-introduction in Northern Territory

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