Dr Lorraine Bell

Project Coordinator


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Queensland University of Technology, 2016; Honours (Sociology), Queensland University of Technology, 2006; Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology), Queensland University of Technology, 2002; Diploma of Film Production, SAE Institute, 2011;




Lorraine is a Project Coordinator in the Wellbeing and Preventable Chronic Disease Division at Menzies School of Health Research.

She works on two projects in the cancer team – an NHMRC partnership project looking at collaboration and communication in cancer care for Indigenous patients and health professionals (The 4Cs Project) and an ARC Discovery project about supporting carers of Indigenous cancer patients (SOCS).

Prior to this she has held research and coordination roles at the Northern Territory Primary Health Network (NT PHN) in Darwin where she assessed health needs across the NT; and over six years working at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane. In these roles she has applied her skills in project management and data collection and analysis, with expertise in qualitative research.

Lorraine has a PhD in Sociology and her research career has focused on social aspects of health, ageing, food ethics, communication and sustainability.

She has co-authored nine peer-reviewed publications.

In addition, Lorraine has experience in film making and loves listening to and sharing people’s stories.

Research Themes
  • The 4C’s project – Collaboration and Communication in Cancer Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: The 4C’s Project improving patient-centred care and treatment outcomes
  • SOCS – Supporting Our Carers Study
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