Bonita Moss

Research officer


Master of Public Policy, Northern Territory University, 2000; Graduate Diploma in Education, Sydney College of Advanced Education, 1985; Bachelor of Arts (Educational Psychology), University of Sydney, 1981.


Darwin Charles Darwin University, Casuarina campus

Bonnie has field and academic experience in early childhood and children’s service development. Bonnie’s main research interests relate to improving the developmental status of young children, the role of children’s services and early interventions. She has delivered a range of parenting interventions. She has a strong interest in the impact of public policy for children.
  • Strong start bright future evaluation
  • Congress preschool readiness program evaluation.
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  1. How balloons are improving baby brain development

    How balloons are improving baby brain development


    Bonnie Moss is seated with her legs crossed in the dirt in a small circle of Indigenous mothers in a remote Aboriginal community in Central Australia, Northern Territory.