Mrs Beverley Marcusson

HDR Student & Research Assistant, Wellbeing and Preventable Chronic Disease Division


Masters by Research (current) (Public Health), Charles Darwin University, expected completion 2019; Professional Certificate in Indigenous Research, University of Melbourne, 2018; Certificate in Pathology, Mater Hospital, 2008;




I am a proud Wiradjuri woman, part of the stolen generation my story is displayed at the National Museum of Australia. I am a cancer survivor and currently 2nd year Masters by Research student.

The last 9 years I have actively worked and studied in the Health field and respectfully interviewed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer for multiple studies.

A training facilitator with Menzies for HDR students, a member of Indigenous reference group. past and mentor for stolen generations yarning circles, workshops I am inspired to become a doctor to help support community members with chronic disease and further improve the quality of life for Indigenous communities.


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