Dr Wenbin (Ben) Liang

Analyst and data manager


PhD, (Public Health, Epidemiology), Curtin University, 2010; Master of Public Health, Curtin University, 2006; Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, Guangdong Medical College, 2004

Approved level of HDR supervision at Charles Darwin University:

Co supervisor


Darwin - Charles Darwin University, Casuarina campus


Wenbin joined Menzies School of Health Research in December 2019. He works in the Centre for Child Development and Education. 

Wenbin has been working as an epidemiologist and statistician for the last 10 years. He previously worked at the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI), Curtin University as an epidemiologist / statistician since 2009. 

His qualifications include: MBBS, MPH and a PhD in Public Health awarded in 2010. He was awarded Curtin Research Fellowships in 2009 and 2012. He has published more than 90 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters most of which he has written as the first author. He has been awarded more than $2 million in research funding. 

  • Impacts of Banned Drinkers Register re-introduction in Northern Territory
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