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Commentary from the early days

Commentary from the early days

“This was an unlikely event for a provincial northern city with little academic precedent. It came about as a result of the dreams and drive of a generation of Darwin residents, of the aspirations of a newly created Northern Territory Government determined to have a university and of the foresight of the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust.”

Dr Brian Reid, President of the Historical Society of the Northern Territory

"The continuing contribution made by [the school] to the health of Northern Australians is a tribute to the vision, enthusiasm and the advocacy of Harry Giese who first identified the need for such a school and who later vigorously pursued its establishment and strongly supported its work."

Dr Eric Wrigglesworth AM, Executive Director of the Menzies Foundation 1979-1998

“At Menzies we have had the privilege of not only being faced with many difficult health problems, but also with the challenge of trying to find solutions that are socially useful.”

Foundation Director, Prof John Mathews AM, opening speech for the new Menzies RDH building 23 November 1996.

“…Menzies has helped to build up health expertise in the north. With medical student and post-graduate training in its hospitals, and with knowledge-based community interventions, the NT is now better able to deliver improved services for all its citizens.”

Foundation Director, Prof John Mathews AM