1. Kelly Carleton

    Kelly Carleton

    "Studying with Menzies has enabled me to pursue an exciting career path in public health in the Northern Territory."

  2. Bupe Kyelu

    Bupe Kyelu

    "The academic support I received was exceptional. The lecturers went the extra mile to offer help to students and guide them." 

  3. Leigh Moore

    Leigh Moore

    "The Master of Public Health has given me the opportunity to apply for teaching, research and policy roles that I would otherwise not have been eligible for."

  4. Samantha Mills

    Samantha Mills

    "I would recommend study at Menzies for anyone who has a passion about public health and research. It’s a great course."

  5. Kathleen Cole

    Kathleen Cole

    "My public health qualification gave me confidence to apply for a leadership position in an area of public health," Kathleen Cole, CEO, Cancer Council Northern Territory

  6. Angela Sheedy

    Angela Sheedy

    "I chose to study with Menzies as they have a great research history and I have read and referred to many of the staff research publishing’s over the years."

  7. Heather Wallace

    Heather Wallace

    Heather Wallace – winner of the Val Asche Prize for Academic Excellence 2014 - graduated with a Master of Public Health from Menzies in 2014. Why did you choose to study public health? I visited Timor-Leste as a self-funded volunteer with two midwifery colleagues in 2011. On...

  8. Mark Lock

    Mark Lock

    Mark graduated with a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Menzies in 2003. "I look back on my MPH with Menzies with only positive regard. A great experience of a high quality course!" said Mark. Why did you choose to study public health? Public health is a population health...

  9. Gabrielle McCallum

    Gabrielle McCallum

    I have a passion to help improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians, in particular children through research.

  10. Judith Myers

    Judith Myers

    Studying at Menzies has opened up more opportunities; through my engagement at Menzies I've continued working on Indigenous nutrition projects and work in Timor-Leste.

  11. Eric Makoni

    Eric Makoni

    Studying Public Health; a journey/course which challenged me as a health professional to confront complex health issues and challenges that affect society in many ways.