Thesis Title

Principal Supervisor


Jessica Loughland PhD

Functional characterisation of human blood dendritic cell subsets during Plasmodium infection

Dr Tonia Woodberry


Santie DuPlessis PhD

Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System: Indigenous Australian Adaptation Model (ABAS:IAAM) Professor Sven Svilburn 2017

Anna Stephen PhD

The contribution of social and environmental factors to otitis media in Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory.

Professor Peter Morris


Grennady Wirjanata PhD

Phenotypic Characterization of Chloroquine Resistance in Plasmodium spp. Isolates.

Dr Jutta Marfurt


Hugh Kingston PhD

Hemoglobin, nitric oxide and the circulation in severe malaria.

Professor Nick Anstey


Matthew Grigg PhD

Risk factors, clinical features and treatment of human infection with Plasmodium knowlesi and other Plasmodium species in Sabah, Malaysia.

Professor Nick Anstey


Kathryn Roberts PhD

Echocardiographic screening for rheumatic heart disease in northern Australian children.

Professor Jonathan Carapetis


Jane Davies PhD

Hepatitis B in Australia’s Northern Territory: Understanding the true story.

Assoc Professor Joshua Davis


Yaofeng Vincent He PhD

Long Term Health Outcomes of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory After Serious Illness: A Survival Analysis Approach.

Professor John Condon


Paul Lawton PhD

The incidence and outcomes of chronic kidney disease amongst Indigenous Australians.

Professor Joan Cunningham


Evan McRobb PhD

Burkholderia pseudomallei in northern Australia: Sequencing approaches to better biogeographical and epidemiological understanding.

Professor Bart Currie


Anna Nicholson PhD

On target: Health information recall and effects in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smokers.

Professor David Thomas


Sarah Ireland PhD Paperbark and Pinard:  A cultural and historical exploration of female reproduction in one remote northern Australian Aboriginal Town.

Associate Prof Suzanne Belton

Anna Szava PhD Explaining child malnutrition in two villages in south-west Ethiopia:  Local views and local opportunities. Associate Prof Suzanne Belton 2016
Gail Garvey PhD Psychosocial aspects of cancer care for Indigenous Australians. Professor Joan Cunningham 2016