Throughout the year a number of scholarships become available. 

You are encouraged to contact our research degrees administration officer to discuss your research project and eligibility for a scholarship. 

The following scholarships are currently available:

Centre for Research Excellence Discovering Indigenous Strategies to Improve Cancer Outcome Via Engagement, Research Translation and Training (DISCOVER-TT)

HOT NORTH Honours are now available

Further information can be found here 

CRE ICHEAR Indigenous Ear Health PhD Scholarship

Menzies' Renal Dialysis Educational Outcome Scholarship

Menzies' Housing needs for dialysis patients Scholarship

Centre for Research Excellence in Respiratory Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children Scholarship

  1. CRE in Respiratory Health scholarship application form

    CRE in Respiratory Health scholarship application form


  2. DISCOVER-TT Scholarship Information sheet

    DISCOVER-TT Scholarship Information sheet

    Discover TT scholarship information sheet_180717.pdf

    DISCOVER-TT Scholarship Information sheet

  3. DISCOVER-TT scholarship application form

    DISCOVER-TT scholarship application form

    Discover TT scholarship application form_180717.docx

    DISCOVER-TT scholarship application form