This project represents a collaboration between Menzies School of Health Research and Monash University.

Stores in remote communities have a unique role in delivering preventative health promotion strategies by influencing the primary food supply with positive impacts on Indigenous health. Past initiatives have been limited and generally not sustained and therefore health status remains well below the average for Australia.

Supporting public health nutritionists working in the remote food retail sector, to contribute to creating sustainable and effective change in the foods in remote stores is key to success.

Implications for policy and practice:

This study will provide a model for workforce development, building much needed evidence and opportunities to increase the attraction and retention of public health nutritionists in remote Australia to contribute to sustaining improved nutrition and therefore health in remote communities.

Chief investigator:
  • Dr Claire Palermo, Monash University
Project officer:
  • Stacey Holden, Monash University
Menzies researchers:
Project dates:

This project is completed.

  • Australian National Preventative Health Agency.
  • Monash University.