• To develop and trial a structured mental health and substance misuse intervention using Indigenous specific content and imagery in a computerised (i.e. iPad application) format. This is to assist therapists to deliver a structured, evidence based, and culturally appropriate intervention to their Indigenous clients.  
  • To adapt the existing Aboriginal and Islander Mental Health Initiative (AIMHI) Stay Strong Care Plan to create an accessible and visually appealing iPad app that is simple, intuitive and suitable for clinician supported delivery.  

The program contains a number of steps and aims to help clients examine their lives and the impact of their substance use or mental health upon aspects such as relationships, health, work and future goals.

Individuals are asked to:

  • Identify friends and family who help keep them strong and healthy
  • Identify their strengths (e.g. factors related to culture, family or religion)
  • Identify things that negatively impact upon strength (e.g. substance use, police involvement, health issues)
  • Identify a behavioural goal to work on
  • Develop a plan for achieving their goal by breaking it down into manageable steps.

The initial decisional balance exercise helps clients to identify their own worries and strengths using meaningful graphics and engaging animations and assists with identifying a personal goal to work towards. Tips for achieving wellbeing or reduced substance use are also presented and assist in clients to achieve their goals and address barriers that could get in the way. A summary of their Stay Strong plan can be emailed and printed for future reference.

Once developed, the app will be trialled with mental health, substance misuse and other health service providers.


We would appreciate any feedback on how the app could be improved.

Our research has found: 

The original tools translated easily into electronic format, providing an engaging approach to addressing substance misuse for Indigenous clients. The developed intervention will assist services to deliver cost-effective, evidence-based substance misuse and mental health treatment to Indigenous clients.

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  • Queensland University of Technology.

Thanks to Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) for producing the audio recordings.

  1. New app to improve Indigenous mental health featured on World Mental Health Day

    New app to improve Indigenous mental health featured on World Mental Health Day


    An innovative iPad app based on tools developed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people is hoping to address one of the nationís fastest growing health problems.