• To reduce rates of respiratory disease among young Indigenous children.

This project is an extension of the No Germs on Me television advertising campaign developed in 2008 by the Northern Territory Government Environmental Health Division. The objective of this ongoing campaign is to promote handwashing to prevent faeco-oral transmission of infection among Indigenous populations. New advertisements are currently being developed that promote hand (and face) washing that focus on interrupting child-to-child transmission of respiratory infection. We plan a before and after study to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign in regard to levels of message recall, any increase in levels of knowledge and any behaviour change influenced by seeing the advertisements.

Our research has found:

Six potential advertisement concepts have been developed and these are currently being field tested in remote communities concerning their content, acceptability, believability and appeal.

Chief investigator:
Project manager:
  • Elizabeth McDonald
  • Nicola Slavin, Environmental Health Division, Northern Territory Department of Health 
Contact information:
Project dates: 

The project commenced in 2013 and will be completed in 2014.

  • Northern Territory Department of Health
  • Fred Hollows Foundation.
  1. McDonald, E., Slavin, N., Bailie, R., & Schobben, X. (2011). No germs on me: a social marketing campaign to promote hand-washing with soap in remote Australian Aboriginal communities. Global Health Promotion, 18, 62-65.